Thursday, June 30, 2011

Falling off the vegan wagon

Ok, so here's the scoop.  It happens.  Especially to those of us who have been die hard carnivores for 40 years.  Occasionally you might "fall off the vegan wagon".  It might be because you didn't check the labels close enough, or you added an ingredient simply because you weren't thinking - and this can happen easily in a household where you have a mix of eaters, or simply, like myself, by choice.

In my town there are a LOT of weekend happenings.  One of these is a BBQ event.  I attended with full intentions of eating meat.  (please, pull back the spears and poisoned darts aimed at me - I try my best to live my life as a vegan 99.999% of the time and please be patient - I'm NEW!)  As stated in my very first blog post, the smell of BBQ get's me going!  Anyway, here is what I experienced.

I almost made it through the entire event and just left empty handed but on my way out I ordered some pulled pork.  I took it home, I ate it.  I paid.  The next two days I was lethargic, didn't feel quite right, and was just blah.  Looking back on it now it wasn't worth it and I probably wouldn't do it again.  One of my vegan heros is Kathy Feston.  One of her statements is, and I quote, "I believe in progress, not perfection!"  I read one of her books and I encourage you to do the same or you can learn more here.  She is another inspiration for sure!

So I fell off the wagon, did the earth stop?  No it didn't.  Would I do it again?  Time will tell, but I am quite aware that the changes I am making are making a difference in my health, my life, the environment and the world.  If you are a new vegan and slip, don't discourage, don't beat yourself up, stay positive!

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